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About LRB/Sean McCormack

Hey folks, writing these things in 3rd person is odd, so I'll have to tolerate promoting myself in first person instead. I'm Sean McCormack, a photographer based in the rather wet city of Galway in the west of Ireland. I'm one of the ones that made the transition from film to digital, so I've been at it a while. I've been in volved with Lightroom from the very beginning and was listed as an MVP (most valuable participant) at the Lightroom 1.0 launch.

I started Lightroom Blog in 2006, prior to the launch of Lightroom 1.0, and this is now part of Pixiq, Barnes and Nobles photo digest blog. Lightroom Blog is where LRB comes from, and is used as the brand for my Lightroom addons. I'm also the author of 'Photoshop Lightroom 2 Made Easy', and more recently the Craft and Vision eBook 'Essential Development'.

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