A Client Area example

This demonstration site shows how you can use a WSPP plug to create a client area. In this case we'vse used Filmstrip WSPP, but any plugin in the series will work.

How was it done?

The public galleries for the portfolio are created as usual (in this case we just have one).

We then created a gallery set called "Client Area" in which to place our client's galleries. This set was configured as follows:

  • The URL tag was set to "clientarea" (you can choose any name though).
  • The gallery set was hidden from the main index so that it didn't appear in the portfio (this setting is in the Privacy tab for the gallery set).

We then added a menu option called "Client Area" and gave it a direct URL to the "Client Area" set. In this case the URL is http://www.photographers-toolbox.com/products/wspp/clientareademo1/clientarea. The URL is composed of the address to get to the main site + the URL tag that we chose for the set.

Once we had our client area we created galleries for each client, and protected them with a password. Here's what the hierarchy looked like in the Publish Service.

This setup might suit a wedding photographer who keeps a list of recent shoots accessible on his site. The happy couples would be able to easily find their album in the client area, but they'd only be able to access their own.

For commercial photographers who need to create several galleries per client, and who don't wish to list all the galleries in a publically visible area, we've produced another example.