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LightroomStatistics plug-ins

LightroomStatistics in the provider of 8 productivity enhancing plug-ins:

  1. EditCheck
    Quality check tool for your develop work.
    Before publishing your work check if you applied sharpening, enabled lens correction and many more settings
  2. Photo list importer
    Do your clients sent you their pics by email?
    Copy the list into this plug-in and it will collect all the images in a collection ready to process.
  3. Relative adjustments
    Want to add a little exposure or color to many images, adding it the current develop adjustments?
    This plug-in can apply presets with one of many settings relative to your current develop work
  4. Transparency Exporter
    Replace a color wiht transparency during the Export step.
    The color will either be replaced in the whole image or using flood fill starting from a point
  5. Preset Viewer
    Preset settings overwrite current develop settings? Do you know whats inside a preset?
    This plug-in lists the content of one, all presets in a folder or even all presets in readable form.
    The report can also be opened in Excel for further analysis
  6. Find similar files
    Find derivative files of your master photos based on the file naming
  7. Tracklog creator
    Creates a tracklog based on the GPS information in your photos.
    Tip: use this tracklog to "Auto-tag" those photos that lack GPS info.
  8. Photo settings Viewer
    This plug-in will list all settings of photo.
    Easy when writing a blog or article and want to know what settings were applied.