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Change Log

Version 2.00, 23rd September 2014

  • Google now allows applications to send email without having to pass through ther SMTP server. The plugin has been overhauled to use this new functionality.
  • Thanks to the above change login in now done through OAuth 2, so you no longer need to enter your password into the plugin.
  • The problems which stopped the users contacts from being collected has been fixed.

Version 1.42, 15th April 2014

  • Following a change by Google the plugin was no longer able to get the users contacts. This has been fixed..

Version 1.41, 19th August 2013

  • Certain GMail passwords would cause the plugin to fail when running on a Mac.
  • The password was accidentally being written to the debug log file (if you'd turned that option on).

Version 1.40, 31st July 2013

  • The PC version of LR/GMail now uses MailWrench (by Jim Lawless) to send the emails. This should fix various connection issues that some users were recently experiencing.
  • The Mac version of LR/GMail now uses a custom built application to send the emails. This should fix various connection issues that some users were recently experiencing.
  • Windows users of Lightroom 4 and later no longer need to type '\n' to enter a new line when typing a message.
  • On Lightroom 3 and later passwords are now stored securely rather than in plain text in the preset.

Version 1.30, 26th May 2010

  • Renamed to LR/GMail (instead of LR2/GMail) to avoid the suggestion that the plugin is not compatible with LR3.

Version 1.22, 7th August 2009

  • Bug fixes.

Version 1.21, 4th August 2009

  • Import all the emails addresses for a contact, not just one of them.
  • Fix a bug whereby some contact were being listed even if they didn't have an email address.

Version 1.20, 3rd August 2009

  • Added options to clear chosen fields when reopening the dialog box.
  • Added separate area for a signature that'll be appended to the message.
  • Added the option to create a ZIP archive of the exported images and to attach that.
  • Added the ability to export via the export menu option (right-click on image -> Export).

Version 1.14, 30th July 2009

  • The bug fixed in 1.13 should now apply to Windows users too.

Version 1.13, 29th July 2009

  • Some users are experiencing an error stating that the username and password were not accepted when sending the email. This bug has now been fixed in the Mac version and I'm working on a fix for Windows users.

Version 1.12, 28th July 2009

  • You can now enter new lines directly on a Mac. On a PC typing \n will insert a new line.
  • There's now an options to send debug output to a file.

Version 1.00, 28th July 2009

  • Initial release.

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