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Change Log

Version 1.19, 1st November 2015

  • Updated version compatibility information for LR 6.
  • Added support for PSE 14 and updated compatibility information for PSE 13.
  • Updated self update functionality to better handle complex file and folder names.

Version 1.18, 26th October 2014

  • Updated version compatibility information for LR 5.
  • Added support for PSE 13 and updated compatibility information for PSE 12.
  • Disabled Camera Raw Update button for PSE versions that don't support manual updates.
  • Updated self update functionality to better handle complex file and folder names.
  • Implemented new build system.

Version 1.17, 25th September 2013

  • Updated version compatibility information for LR 4 and 5.
  • Added support for PSE 12.

Version 1.16, 16th April 2013

  • Added support for LR 5.
  • No longer providing automatic updates for LR 2. Users can still manually install these updates if desired, but while they should work they will not have been tested against that version of Lightroom.

Version 1.15, 11th January 2013

  • Improved operation of Merge to Panorama on localised versions of PSE.
  • Improved error handling within PSE.
  • Detects and notifies user of workarounds for issues related to editor mode in PSE 7 and above.
  • Notifies user when Camera Raw plugin needs updating to support an image passed to PSE.
  • Self update functionality adjusted to reduce the potential for unusual errors during startup.

Version 1.14, 9th November 2012

  • Self update robustness and logging improvements.

Version 1.13, 1st November 2012

  • Resolved issue identifying version when PSE installed in a non-default location on Mac OS/X.

Version 1.12, 13th October 2012

  • Resolved minor configuration display issues.

Version 1.11, 7th October 2012

  • Added support for PSE 11.
  • Help buttons in Plug-in Manager, and equivalent Help menu items, will now launch Help and F.A.Q. browser links on Mac OS/X.

Version 1.10, 30th January 2012

  • Resolved Camera Raw compatibility detection issue when used with the LR4 Beta.
  • Ensures that no offline or missing images are passed to PSE.
  • Warns the user if any requested photos will not be passed to PSE.
  • The Re-enable Warnings button in the Plugin Configuration panel will now work with LR3 and above.

Version 1.09, 29th October 2011

  • Added support for Mac App Store (MAS) variant of PSE 9, and speculative support for MAS variant of PSE 10.
  • Resolved issue opening an image file with a percent (%) symbol in its name.

Version 1.08, 14th October 2011

  • For Lightroom 3 users each photo is now automatically saved before opening in Photoshop Elements (PSE), removing this previously manual step.
  • Added support for PSE 10.
  • Improved Lightroom and PSE version awareness. Better detects PSE versions installed at default locations.
  • Plug-In Manager and configuration dialogs now indicate compatibility and potential limitations of the selected PSE editor, and suggests actions to resolve these limitations. User is able to override these checks if desired.
  • Added configuration setting for channel bit depth, and a dialog to explain implications of this setting.
  • Resolved issue causing some menu options to ignore Lightroom develop settings applied to non-raw image formats.
  • Resolved issue causing internal working files to be reused more aggressively than expected.
  • Updated self-update code to show what has changed since the current version of the plugin.
  • Added help available via Lightroom's Help menu.
  • Various error handling and robustness improvements.

Version 1.07, 7th December 2010

  • Resolved Lightroom 2 compatibility bug causing "Error 23" messages to be displayed by Photoshop Elements.
  • Virtual Copy handling options are now honoured.
  • Improved error handling and notifications when all selected files are unsupported files or Virtual Copies requested to be ignored.

Version 1.06, 16th November 2010

  • Relaunched Elemental as TPG Elemental on the Photographer’s Toolbox website.
  • Added self updating and registration capabilities to the plugin.
  • Improved detection of Photoshop Elements installations, especially on Photoshop Elements 9 or 64 bit systems.
  • Improved robustness.

Version 20091224.005, 24th December 2009

  • The virtual copy warning dialog should no longer be displayed twice (Issue #6).
  • PSE8 default install location awareness added (Issue #39).
  • Plugin should now cope with missing PSE Editor configuration settings (Issue #35). This impacted Mac OS X in particular.
  • Plugin homepage and readme file updated (Issue #3).
  • Resolved Mac OS X specific error that resulted in PSE starting then immediately logging an error.
  • Issue #23: PSE scripts now have filenames (etc) directly injected into their source rather than creating separate files to carry this information. Currently recognised variables: <<PLUGIN_PATH>>, <<SCRIPT_LOGFILE>> and <<SCRIPT_FILES>>.

Version 20090721.004, 21st July 2009

  • Issue #9: Removed "User Cancelled" errors appearing when Photoshop Elements refused to perform the requested action.
  • Issue #15: Merge to Panorama, Remove Camera Distortion and Smart Object menu items now force images to open as 8 bit, to comply with PSE limitations. Also resolves issue #16: Smart Objects now apply Lightroom edits stored in XMP sidecars.

Version 20090705.003, 5th July 2009

  • Initial public release.

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