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Change Log

Version 2.93, 19th January 2013

  • Fixed bug that causes single gallery mode to fail

Version 2.92, 7th January 2013

  • Changed manifest
  • Updated Copyright field

Version 2.91, 1st September 2012

  • Photographers Toolbox release

Version 2.90,

  • 2.9 Added new icon set for Contact Page
  • New code for additional icons
  • Fixed bug where text wouldn't appear immediately after icons were turned off
  • Added LR4 Live Update code

Version 2.80,

  • Added extra widths for Gallery Index Images
  • Fixed bug with blank pages text.
  • Added Single Gallery Feature
  • Fixed link colours bug

Version 2.70,

  • Added Phone number to contact sheet
  • Fixed 7th Gallery image UI bug
  • Initial iFrame support for blank page
  • Additional Footer Text

Version 2.62,

  • Added Phone number to contact sheet
  • Fixed 7th Gallery image UI bug
  • Initial iFrame support for blank page
  • Additional Footer Text

Version 2.61,

  • Fixed bug with Swap Pages hiding External Links
  • Added Swap Exteral Links box to move external links

Version 2.60,

  • Added gallery title and descriptions for non Cmotion Pages
  • Added 2nd blank page which can be hidden for menu (e.g. for a copyright information page)
  • Added switch to turn off left contact div
  • Increased text area width range
  • Added Site Title and Site text to Gallery Index (this was a feature request by me). To make it fit it meant reducing down the cell sizes.
  • 7th gallery.
  • LR2/3 automatic watermark switching from Tim Armes.
  • The gallery index now automatically changes the cell height when toggling text on or off.
  • ID plate can be on the bottom instead of top.
  • ID Plate code now in separate file to make the code tidier.

Version 2.50,

  • W3C Valid (loads of internal changes to make that happen)
  • 2nd header file for non gallery images
  • New CSS for Publish that creates a tidy version of the Preview CSS (Lightroom CSS is pig ugly)
  • Text Width Control
  • ID Plate Offset

Version 2.4,

  • ?

Version 2.31,

  • ?

Version 2.2,

  • Added Changelog to manual

Version 2.12,

  • Fixed a Firefox issue where it puts borders around the menu images when images were selected.
  • Deleted an erroneous file called " head.html", which was being read as "head.html" on PC.
  • Fixed a bug which broke the new charset options

Version 2.11,

  • er.. fixed a bunch of bugs..

Version 2.10,

  • Added colour to the panels,
  • Added per gallery image numbers(i.e. you can have however many images you like in each gallery),
  • Changed what you need to paste for google analytics
  • Completely rewrote the UI for the page controls.

Version 2.00,

  • Changed charset to UTF-16 to allow for further languages
  • Fixed Content Area font size issues by adding a Content Font Size control
  • Added image choice to Menu
  • Added provisional code to allow Google Analytics code to be pasted:WARNING, each gallery loading will open the Google Analytics code in a browser window. (This is how Lightroom deals with external resources and cannot be prevented. If you don't like this, then leave the Insert Analytics Code box unticked.)
  • Added IE8 conditional code
  • Added an image choice to the mail page
  • Change the Page title on the mail page to whatever is in the Page Title
  • Addition of the Dynamic Drive scroll script and making the internal script options available in the Output Settings panel.
  • Added on text editing for home, about and blank pages
  • Added a body width option
  • Fixed float issues with images dropping down.

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