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Change Log

Version 1.65, 27 March 2019

  • Refresh Worflow Filters floating window now has buttons to set Library Filter columns
  • Fixes bug in Refresh Workflow Filters where target field is keywords

Version 1.64, 17 March 2019

  • Fixes bug affecting sequential numbers
  • Fixes bug in Refresh Workflow Filters in earlier versions of LR

Version 1.62, 5 March 2019

  • Workflow Filter added for collections
  • Workflow Filter added for the length in characters of the keywords that will be exported (some stock agencies limit the total characters)
  • Copying to keywords refined
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 1.59, 8 March 2018

  • Lots of minor updates and a few bug fixes

Version 1.49, 22nd November 2013

  • New: Copying from folder path to keywords now builds a keyword hierarchy that mirrors the folder path
  • New: Copying from caption to keywords now makes each word a keyword
  • New: Caption builder

Version 1.48, 22nd October 2013

  • Fixed bug affecting captions longer than 511 characters
  • Cosmetic improvements in parse and audit dialog box

Version 1.47, 17th October 2013

  • New: Insert line break between fields in Append and Transfer
  • New: Parse and Audit "is empty" feature now filters images by title, caption etc
  • New: Filter by any EXIF/IPTC/Develop with 5 extra parse and audit fields
  • Fixed bug in copying IPTC Extension geographical fields
  • Fixed bug in saving custom fields as favourites

Version 1.46, 24th July 2013

  • Fixed bug affecting Lr3 users

Version 1.45, 21st July 2013

  • New: On Transfer tab, you can now save combinations of fields as Favourites
  • New: Replace chanacters in a text string (eg 12 through 25")
  • New: When appending a sequence number, user can now set initial value
  • New: Lr5 fields available (smart previews, video)
  • New: Thumbnail of image shown (Lr4 or upwards)
  • New: Creation and modification date and times available
  • New: Search and replace for text in keyword names
  • User able to switch off translation of fields in plug-in's dialog boxes
  • Menus available when only video files are selected
  • Bug in parse and audit where field length greater than 512 characters
  • Bug fixed preventing previous tab being displayed upon startup

Version 1.44, 26th Apr 2013

  • Fixed IPTC to keywords bug in LR5
  • Fixed minor bug in Result window

Version 1.42, 11th Jan 2013

  • Fixed bug in Max Avail Dimensions button
  • Minor language change

Version 1.41, 8th Jan 2013

  • Introduced button to cycle through changing the case of the text
  • Removed Brute Force search for maintenance. Does anyone use it?
  • Further language changes

Version 1.40, 8th Jan 2013

  • Skipped

Version 1.39, 30th July 2012

  • Fixed bug affecting saving the source field in Transfer tab

Version 1.38, 25th July 2012

  • Further minor tweak to IPTC Core to Keywords

Version 1.37, 16th July 2012

  • Fixed bug causing hang in IPTC Core to Keywords
  • Fixed bug causing incorrect creation of top level keyword in IPTC Core to Keywords

Version 1.35, 31st January 2012

  • If only one item selected, you are now prompted to add all other visible items
  • New commands to copy the filename to the title - with and without file extensions
  • Parse and Audit now adds columns in the Library filter panel listing all the values in the "copy from" and "copy to" fields - handy when you're checking what's in those fields
  • The keyword counter now goes much higher
  • Improved error reporting through log file
  • Corrected some translation errors
  • Search Replace Transfer dialog box opens at last-used tab
  • Fixed Lightroom 2 bug upon startup

Version 1.33, 18th September 2011

  • Language support
  • Bug in parse and audit

Version 1.32, 16th February 2010

  • Fixed Keywords to IPTC now supports a 5th level keyword

Version 1.30, 11th February 2010

Version 1.29, 8th February 2010

Version 1.28, 3rd February 2010

  • Added copying from IPTC-Core location fields to IPTC Extension fields
  • Added copying from IPTC-Core to hierarchical keywords
  • Added copying from hierarchical keywords to IPTC-Core
  • Add "brute force" search (preliminary)
  • Custom fields now optional (preference set in plug-in manager)

Version 1.1.8, 14th June 2010

  • Initial release.

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