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Search + Replace

This first tab, Search + Replace, searches through the chosen metadata field looking for a word or phrase, and then replaces all its occurrences with alternative text.

So for instance, you may have some pictures with a variety of captions like “Close-up of columns at Paestum”, “Frontal view of columns at the Capitol, Washington DC”, “Columns at the Parthenon, Athens” and so on. Imagine some of them have the misspelling “columm” – how do you correct that? Normally, this could take some time as you would have to select each group of pictures and change that group's caption before moving onto the next set. Alternatively, how would you insert the word “Doric” before columns in all these images? Again, it can take lots of time if the captions are all different.

So this Search + Replace tab does that job. It lets you search for the word “columms” and replace it with “columns”, or search for “columns” and replace it with “Doric columns”:

To change the field which will be searched, just click the “...” button.

To preview the results, move the slider.

When you're ready, click the "Search and replace x items" button.

Change Case changes the case of the target field, cycling through upper and lower case, title and proper


The plug-in will target images which are selected. If no images are selected, the menu commands will be greyed out. I think it makes sense to force the user to deliberately choose which pictures should be affected.


This plug-in makes it easy for you to change many images' metadata in a few seconds. Inevitably, that brings some risks.

As with all Lightroom work, do not rely on XMP sidecars, if you save them. Make sure you frequently back up your catalogue - daily, at least.

Pricing and Payment

You may download and try the plugin for free, subject to its trial limitations. To unlock the full functionality you will need to purchase a copy.

Payments may be made via Credit Card or PayPal, and are securely processed via our payment partner - Paddle.


Note that VAT will be added for European customers.


US $28.45
UK £21.65
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