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Change Log

Version 3.0, 3rd Jun 2024

  • Fixed bug affecting increment
  • Added new before/after report
  • User can now choose IPTC fields to protect from truncation

Version 2.8, 29th May 2024

  • New presets box for the additional EXIF fields
  • Added LensModel to additional EXIF fields
  • Copy Command line now a cut and paste - cross platform and no longer generates batch file on Windows
  • Fix for failure to display increment downdown box
  • New Plugin Manager option to Save/Read plugin preferences from file
  • Read from Metadata now automatic if Save enabled
  • Fix for possible truncation of fields longer than 64 characters

Version 2.7, 23rd Sep 2023

  • New increments for timestamp applied to multiple images - previously limited to 1 second
  • Command line preview made more readable
  • Debugging log now in Documents, jb Plugins, and not written to desktop

Version 2.6, 14th Sep 2023

  • Allowed year to be set as far back as 1066 (user request for 1534 dates)

Version 2.5, 14th Jan 2022

  • Increased additional fields to 10
  • Added more field choices
  • Bug in command line preview and batch file which failed to show additional fields

Version 2.4, 22nd Sept 2021

  • Fixed "comboPresets" error message
  • Made Date Created checkbox sticky

Version 2.3, 31st Aug 2021

  • Adjusted spacing for smaller screen sizes

Version 2.2, 23rd Aug 2021

  • Changed month-minute fields from dropdowns to text boxes to improve tabbing between them on Mac
  • Added seconds field

Version 2.1, 19th Jul 2021

  • Further refinement of using separate Exiftool on Mac (chmod -xa added)
  • Further refinement of using separate Exiftool on Mac (Perl option)
  • Log and batch files saved into folders segmented by instance

Version 2.0, 9th Jul 2021

  • Major change to *layout* of dialog box
  • Added thumbnail showing the photo referenced by the current command line
  • On Windows the command line preview can be saved automatically to the desktop as a batch file
  • On Mac the command line preview is displayed in a dialog box which can be copied
  • Exiftool commands are saved in a jb Plugins subfolder of Documents (to avoid clutter)
  • Further refinement of using separate Exiftool on Mac
  • Changed text message when user writes to raw files
  • Can now set blank values for the Additional Fields

Version 1.28, 28th Jan 2021

  • On Mac, forces user to install separate Exiftool (necessary because of Catalina and Big Sur changes)

Version 1.27, 27th Oct 2020

  • Test Exiftool button added to dialog box
  • New checkbox allows user to process VCs
  • Moved next and previous buttons to left and hidden if only 1 photo selected
  • Preview panel disabled by default (option in Plugin Manager) because it's only for information

Version 1.26, 26th Apr 2020

  • Updated Exiftool for Catalina
  • How to Use button - links to video on operation and troubleshooting
  • Added more EXIF fields to Metadata panel so more fields like camera can be written by the plugin
  • Fixed bug creating batch file
  • Improved preview when user chooses to use the Capture Date from the Metadata panel
  • Save Exiftool Commands now sticky
  • Added Change Log in Plugin Manager
  • Added Troubleshooting tips in Plugin Manager
  • Refined handling of raw files - Exiftool also rewrites any xmp file
  • Added Plugin Manager option to use your own copy of the Exiftool app

Version 1.23, 4th April 2019

  • Minor bugfix

Version 1.20, 9th July 2016

  • Allow plugin to update metadata in video files
  • Prevent built-in Save Metadata command running on video files (which generated an error)

Version 1.19, 30th June 2016

  • Updated version of Exiftool
  • Improved options to choose which date fields to updated
  • Improved options to preserve file modification date
  • Improved layout

Version 1.13, 31st March 2012

  • Updated version of Exiftool

Version 1.12, 21st July 2011

  • Bug fix for selection of more than 60 images in incremental time stamp mode

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