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Capture Time to Exif


Q: Why isn't Capture time to Exif upating the EXIF?
A: The most common question and it's usually because people haven't followed step 4 of the instructions. After running the plugin, you need to use Metadata > Read Metadata from Files. This gets the new EXIF data from the files.

Q: Does Capture time to Exif work on Mac?
A: Yes, Mac or PC.

Q: Does Capture time to Exif work in Lightroom CC?
A: Yes, any version later than Lightroom 3.0 including 7 / Classic

Q: Does Capture time to Exif work in Lightroom 2?
A: No, Lightroom 3.0 or later is required.

Q: Do I need to install Exiftool
A: No, Exiftool's command line application is included in Capture time to Exif.

Q: Why does Capture time to Exif not have boxes for individual EXIF and IPTC fields?
A: While I could add extra boxes for specific fields, I could never please everyone – not without more work than I felt could be justified. Initial feedback strongly indicated that those who know about such obscure matters as writing Exif data would appreciate a “bare back” style, so I chose to add a box which could contain whatever Exiftool command line arguments people want. Also, I am hesitant to make writing EXIF so easy that the plug-in will be used by people who should be kept away from it for their own good!

Q: What's the “incremental time stamp” for?
A: This adds a second to each image in the batch. Later this helps you sort images by capture time (if the file names don’t help).

Q: What if I just want to run a command line?
A: Choose "Don't change EXIF" from the EXIF dates drop down box.

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You may download and try the plugin for free, subject to its trial limitations. To unlock the full functionality you will need to purchase a copy.

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